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Oneness and Perceptions


Uniqueness or Oneness ( unification – tawheed ) are reflections of a unique philosophy among men, which is spread through the word of heart. On the other hand, people are bound to shape their lives according to the commandments of the sole owner of this unique world of beings. We can see the traces of Allah’s worlds and commandments in this unique bond among people hearts, which is bond together with the name of Allah, as indicated in the Holy Quran. We reach and witness this holy secret in the genuine joy that we feel throughout our journey towards the deep ends of our spiritual selves. As we all know, this magnificent and invaluable feeling can be felt and deeply acknowledged when we refer to the holy phrase of Allah; indicating; “I didn’t deem thee worthy of a world of superiority and inferiority within confines of secrets as I made thy world abundant.”

Allah almighty has the sole superiority. Therefore, our sole duty is to live our lives and behave accoding to his commandments and virtues in return for everything that Allah provides us. Throughout this perspective; Allah, is the one and only ruling superior in the hearts of the Man; who is bound to behave in accordance with the presence, and ruling of Allah.

Why is there such an order for Man? First of all, Allah has desired to be known and wanted us to acknowledge his divide presence. Allah has wanted, requested us to acknowledge and worship his superiority. On the other hand, Allah has never granted any superiority to any being he has given live. One step further, divine and holy Allah has required and requested us to be aware of his features and uniqueness. But, how can we learn about the features of Allah’s presence. At this exact point, we face a rather important issue; the Self. The Self is our metaphysical side which enriches itself with unique features and tries to participate in our actions by means of its reflections. We witness the tendencies of the self, especially when the self tends to adopt the virtues of unrighteous superiorities, or accept all kinds of inferiority regardless of the actual perception. And what can we say about the broad range between these two polarities? The answer to this question resides beneath the concepts and understandings that we refer to, during our daily lives to express our feelings and thoughts. All these concepts have their own respective stories and meanings that digies themselves as illusions. Our articles will try to address these stories one by one.

First of all, we can try to understanding the subject better by referring to an example involving our senses. Failure and power are two distinct ends of the same feeling. While one is the desire to establish superiority, the other tends to place itself on a more inferior level of perceived behavioral scale. When we address to both of them, these two are two different stances that the self positions itself for acting in a certain matter. One is the feeling of powerful and strong as if the individual can perform any task and accomplish anything, whether moral or practical, while the other is reflection of a psychological which thinks to be a powerless being that is incapable of performing anything throughout the life. Presence of such tendencies that take their roots from the Self, guides us to a certain path towards the accomplishments and desires of its own. Of course, there’s no doubt that if the Self succeeds in doing so, it will feel satisfaction and lust; as the realm that is headed is filled with forbidden practices and sins; transforming the individual to a sinner.

As we take one step further from describing the actions of the Self; we find ourself facing the behavioral model of the Self that penetrates itself slowly into our actions. Self; with its most simple and basic translation, equals to the act of “comparison”. The Self cannot continue its existence without making comparison. Envy, jealosy, intolerance, grudge and other negative emotions are all products of these comparisons. The self become jealos if a fellow friend of ours has a better car, and envies his ownership. The same self cannot bear somebody else that may be walking to lead a group; and tries to creat a hostility by focusing on certain phrases of that subject; even though they aren’t originally meant to cause any moral damage. The same Self is the true source of the grudge that an individual may hold towards the outer world due to the feeling of inferiority.

Therefore, the true order and meaning of the Man’s existence is surrendering itself to a higher power and acknowledge the superiority of a divine being when it succeeds in resolving these tendencies of the Self. With this method,  the individual can acknowledge and become aware of the presence of Allah. If there would’ve been any easier way or more direct paths to take; then the sole purpose and meaning of our physical world, as well as our divine duty that we are given, would be pointless. Faith is the destiny of our existence.

This article, which is intended to provide an introduction, will be continued for a few more pages.

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