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The Human Phenomenon


As people tries to express themselves in the world they live in or reflect themselves on the outside world by means of their behaviors; it shall be crucial to focus on the emotions and ideas that influence them during this process. As one tries to prepare a foundation to find a meaning for existence, a balance is tried to be established between the emotions that are shown, and the ones that are hidden. The contrast between the love for the surrounding world and the disturbance that is felt for the world of existence becomes a conflict that shall be resolved for acknowledging the roots of this dilemma of inner world.

The man cannot be ignorant in this subject. Because the reason of its existence can only be realized if it succeeds in resolving this conflict.  Of course it won’t be logical to assume that the Man could have been realized itself and project its existence in the universe due to evolution of random emotions. Apart from impossibility of such ideas, when we take the deep spiritual world of human beings into consideration; we can clearly see that the Man has come into existence with a unique combination of metaphysical, spiritual facts and concepts. Any ideology that states the Man to be a product of retrospective yet random accumulation of concepts, can only manage to provide a poor and deficient thesis that only deals with the reality of spiritual existence. Of course we can assume that the times have changed with the developments in science. On the other hand, the main and principal realization of mind shall be acknowledging its nature as a tool or a servant to a more divine reality. The Man, who is always in a tendency to compare itself with other beings, have nothing to do but to be fascinated and amazed when the true roots of the mind and the self are discovered. We can exemplify this by referring to a self which perceives itself as a poor and pathetic being. This pity is surely evaluated by the notion of other people that are surrounding that person. At this point, the Mind, shall surely intercept and acknowledge this illusion. By looking at our actual state, we can easily discover the perfect design behind the world we live in.

As we try to understand our spiritual realm and inner world;  of course our self, or our ego, will be the first figure that steps on the stage as we try to resolve the meaning of the facts and structures that rule this world. Of course our role in this play generally relies on the interaction between our surroundings and inner self perceptions. Every time, the individual tries to compare itself with the spiritual or moral values that surround him. On the other hand, at each and every time, the individual loses this struggle, but manages to preserve its identity, which gives him the courage to drag itself across the ground, without any self-esteem, on some level. He/she may plan to get caught up with this dreadful scenario, with a never-ending yearning towards a more sufficient actor to play his part, whom we may call demeaning identities such as cruel, clumsy, lazy, awkward, outcast, and many more.

This aforesaid perception and concept of “self”, as well as the play, role, storyline and the novel itself, has been written, played and staged to prevent the individual from binding with the true faith, and reaching the true core of our divine existence. What does the Man has to lose before he steps towards the doorstep of negativity, as he fails to acknowledge and perceive any upcoming danger that may be faced in this process. Faith, divinity and belief are our true values which enable us to acknowledge the presence of a divine and powerful creator who condemns any act that projects superiority and commends a stance without any feeling of superiority or inferiority.

We all face difficulties in recognizing the reality of our inner world. Our “hearts” represent a spiritual integrity which is very difficult to define. We use our hearts easily but we hardly define its reality. That pitiful, saddening, encouraging, and humble source of our hearts is generally depicted as a delicate structure inside our selves. On the other hand; the reality of our hearts possesses deep secrets which can shake our world like a cradle. Courage, absence of fear, the power of defining the reality as we see and feel it; and knowing our place without feeling any means of superiority are the true values and virtues of hearts which resist our peevish urges and remind us the eternity.

Therefore, the striving efforts of our hearts to reach faith is a difficult issue to deal, cope, understand, acknowledge and accept; as it tends to caress the foreign superiorities as values and virtues of its own. Because, the self knows that if the faith replaces itself with these feelings and fills the heart, it will become the dominant spiritual power in its heart which will shape its perception of concepts and become a difficult opponent to beat for all these other erroneous tendencies and features. This confusion and dilemma is the true source of all emotional and psychological difficulties that individuals face throughout his/her lifetime.

Manifestation of divine Allah’s “holy and divine commandments” that has been bestowed as the Allah’s will and way for us to shape our behaviors; will be true source of power for our hearts against the urges of our selves. Only this way we can realize the virtues of the divine will as our divine and holy duty. This is the main source of the Man’s superiority to other beings. In this perspective, the perceived pities, inferiority, superiority that has been felt in the context of comparison shall be remembered and recognized as incorrect illusions, as the Man develops and increases his will and awareness for the true Faith.

The heart is not the only manifestation of Allah’s will. In the stages of our heart where divine secrets are portrayed; our spirits which transform the deepest elements of wisdom to true virtues and behaviors to satisfy our long-lasting wishes and desires for a divide delicacy that represents the will of God Almighty, tell the stories and secrets of the Heart to the Heart itself. All these other actors who try to rob us of our values, are portrayed by means of the frequencies in our deepest wisdom, which will all be resolved by our hearts, and manifest themselves as inspirations that will help us in interpreting the most difficult problems with our spiritual perception. The spirit is our moral values and virtues, which guide our emotions to behavioral decisions by coupling them with their contrasts and transforming them to noble feelings. Therefore, we shall always listen our spiritual feelings, learn and acknowledge their commandments, and always remember our duties as manifestation and servants of the true and divine creator.

I will try to continue my articles in these issues and matters. On the other hand, my final words will focus on the reason behind the existence of this divine composition which has been designed specifically for the Man. There is no doubt that, both the Man and the universe have the distinct honor of meeting the divine creator. The will and commandments of the one and only Allah, undoubtedly are eternal and divine graces for Man. This way, the Man can complete its journey by means of these virtues. The main purpose of this journey is surely resides on the answer to the question of “What is human?”.  Our course we shall consider the reason behind accumulation of these moral values and virtues on the Man. The illusions, which are created by the Self that tries to destruct the Oneliness and unity of faith due to its own tendencies resurface themselves in a scenario of perception created by our own ego as it desperately tries to realize itself without paying a single respect to the wisdom of other influences. As we become more and more aware of this absence in several stages of our learning; our wisdom will surely mature itself; enabling the self to become an actual human being. As the self continues this journey, it will acknowledge that becoming an actual human being and realization of the true self can only be possible when it frees itself from the intolerance towards Oneliness as well as unity of beings. A behavior of Self will never find itself a place in the divine and spiritual realm…

Allah knows better..

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