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Emotions and Concepts


Throughout the history, Man has lived in a conceptual world, which is comprised from reflections of all incidents, events and facts that Man has ever interacted with. By means of this mutual interaction with these concepts; which at the same time, act as the true source of transformation; Man strives to develop this conceptual world and tries to understand it better; as well as he may become dominated by his own concepts, and reach a dead-end where he has nothing to do but to live his life as a passive being. All thoughts of men, which question the meaning behind the presence of our emotions, mainly rely on the reality of the mutual and undeniable interaction between Man and the world around him. We can exemplify this by taking the relationship between the man and the soil into consideration. Humanity, which is genuinely created by the soil; tend to interpret the soil as a symbol of power or abundance, while it fails to acknowledge the reflection of men on the products that are cultivated from the soil. This understanding and interpreting of concepts are directly related to the question of “Whether the man is aware of the secret that is directly related to the interaction between the man’s future, and its self-conscious which codes and dedicates to realize itself by means of these virtues”.

The volunteer and somehow influencing contribution of Man to this conceptual world that guides itself as the Man continues to live aside its guidance, can only be realized if the Man succeeds to refuse living as a passive being and prevent incorrect and harmful ways of thinking from coming to life in its spiritual world. The Man, which will surely digest the emotions that are resulting from its interactions with the outside world and resurface themselves as the roots of Man’s behaviors, can only become an active and powerful being if he manages to interpret these emotions lying beneath their stories.

Happiness is a humane emotion. We use happiness as a concept as we witness reflection of certain emotions without acknowledging the true source inside our mind. Presence of the concept of happiness has been undoubtedly transformed under the scope of the interaction between other historical and retrospective emotional concepts among the people of our world.

On the other hand we tend to question our emotions on a very rare basis and we usually try to avoid trying to understand the nature of these emotions, or to figure out what is the purpose of being, and whom do all these beings serve. We do not question the source of happiness as an emotion, or when the feeling of happiness fills our heart. The Man don’t  question the events, evaluations, or concepts make him feel happy. Therefore, questioning the source of happiness under the context of its interaction with other emotions is extremely important in terms of our place on earth. Therefore, to explain the brief theme and meaning of this article in a short, yet meaningful way, it would not be wrong to say that the main source of happiness is directly related to the concept of mutual trust that has been formed among the Man throughout the history.

On the other hand, the presence of the concept of trust as one of the main roots of happiness shall be deemed as important and evaluated thoroughly. It is possible to answer this question by asserting that all our conceptual emotions and their true origin as true phenomenons. Therefore we may as well  ask if our emotions and their true sources are results of a historical transformational led by random events; or, is these emotions have a more philosophical basis that rely on other historical ideologies; such as; guidance of a holy religion that leads and guides people to a more pure and real awareness.

If we assert that we live in an emotional realm which is created as a result of total randomness; we reach a conclusion which claims that we wouldn’t have the feeling of emotion without the retrospective concept of trust among Man. On the other hand, we shall understand that following evaluation of emotional depths of the Man by the man itself; common fate and destiny of humanity has exposed itself to the passive learning of the conceptual dilemmas and confusions; yet, it managed to guide the common emotional dilemmas and dead-ends to a more holistic approach to increase its awareness for a truly integral structure.

Under the scope of this emotional partnership; the values of Man, which comes from deep within and strives to resurface itself, can be used as a servant if the Man manages to enrich it; as also commanded and wished by the Creator that marked the earth with its name. For example, unless an emotional state that pities itself is remedied, the effort of making people believe that the emotion of mercy is still present among people, can only be realized in a psychiatric ward. This is the reality now, as mercy and all other virtues of the heart resurface themselves at their upmost level if the Man has faith and believes in the commandments of the One and Only, the superior creator. Because, the Man, if confined in the spaces of its own will, cannot bear the belief of a superior being who has control on the emotional worlds of others. As a being, the Man tries to pity itself to falsely acknowledge that all beings are without mercy, and therefore try to struggle only for their own goods. This is a true illusion that only serves to the individual integrity of the Man. We all shall think that, these emotions, all of them, are programmed with the same conceptual fiction.

The secret that we have told in the first paragraph, can be unveiled by acknowledging that the man has a strong bond with its creator, experienced by means of the emotional interactions. Surrendering ourselves with the reality of our emotional roots, makes us closer to our holy creator, and enables us to realize the true nature of our creation. There is, therefore, a strong correlation between interpreting our emotions and becoming truly aware of our existence. By losing our true selves with the earnings we make from the soil, we tend to prove our superiority and evolve to a falsified power. This is getting us closer to creating false gods that we replace with the true creator in our minds; which will invade our emotional worlds with false, incorrect and misleading thoughts and emotions.
Therefore we shall close the door to this erroneous world without a single doubt, and avoid these gullible behaviors which may spread towards other societies by means of thoughts and ideologies.

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