The Self and Ego

The ability to sense the actors and influences which create emotional, psychological and ideological illations while causing the ever-changing attitudes and behaviors of the Man, which require us to question the reality of existence, is the most important criteria of the Man in his efforts to understand himself.

The world of actions that surrounds us is the main reason which triggers and drives our actions and emotional world. Because it is not possible to acknowledge the self, the ego, to exist in any other world except the world it resides in. The ego can only continue its existence as long as it runs the comparison mechanism of its own. On the other hand, we attach very little importance to how we should perceive our surroundings or how we should build our understanding as we observe and evaluate our environment.

Inner self of the Man continues to witness different changes as the time goes by. This is a natural consequence of the Man’s existence. There’s no doubt that observing the emergence of any change in our inner world and acknowledging our own influence as this issue takes place, are crucially important in terms of designating our true purpose. Our awareness about the transformation of these changes, in other words, our ability to perceive and manage, will surely result in a further ability to realize expected behaviors in our lives while naming and knowing our emotions correctly.

When we think of a friend, we can witness emotional influence of an unpleasant event that have taken place among us recently, after we’ve recalled the warm and happy moments that make us remember the joyful past with that particular individual. When we let this situation as it is, which will enable our self to depart a journey of break-up around these unpleasant thoughts without giving any second thought to nothing, causing us to lose this valuable relationship, we will have made the mistake of failing to remember the true influence of this self.

Even if an action or an attitude of our friend seems to be offensive at a certain point; forgiveness is always there for us to surrender. Our friend may seem greedy, but generosity shall always prevail. Our friend may seem critical, but how about self-criticism?  Even all of these are true; don’t we have a deep understanding to protect our relationship against the destruction of an illusion?

But what can we say about the conflict that takes place in our realm of emotions and thoughts? What is this reflector that shows the world as an unrighteous and guilty realm while preventing us from criticizing itself; and why is this incorrigible behavior repeats itself?

The reality of the self, the ego of Man, is what intervenes in all psychological and mental activities of the individual, penetrating into each change in human body, trying to be a perpetrator that reflects on every action of the person. We can also explain this matter with another descriptive example.

A person, who arrives at his work with happiness and joy, spreads his positive feelings to everyone around him.  On the other hand, in later hours of the day, the same person may transform into someone who is totally different, a person who tries to manipulate others according to his own requests and desires. At this point, the self tries to guide the individual towards an emotional and psychological transformation, trying to establish a different perspective for the individual to enable him interpret his real according to mental earnings.

Controlling these changes that occur in human body can only be possible by means of the Faith, the only source of true power in the heart. Of course we can ask what acceptance of Faith really is. Faith is the only true reality, a perspective that the divine Allah has granted us, which will enable us to perceive this world as it is. In other words, Faith is acknowledging that a ruling divine power requires us to protect ourselves from these threats that target at the true unity of being. The severe of these internal conflicts will increase as the individual prevents himself from acknowledging this reality. There’s no doubt that we shall always avoid the traps of our inner self. Our inner tendencies which make us consider the humanity to be a self-seeking group of people who are far from mercy may desire to just witness all these events, or wish to make all these incidents happen for their own benefit.

The main point of discussion here is, of course the perpetrator nature of the self. It will surely do its best to make us perceive others as a group of merciless criminals while reaching itself as the only consequence with its characteristic comparisons. This is another way of asking; “why don’t you become one of them, so I can command you according to my own will…” Therefore; can we reach a definition for this characteristic behavioral tendency of the self; which we can use to understand the features of these changes that occur in our inner realm. Maybe we can briefly reach a general conclusion, which asserts that; if the voice we hear guides us to feel a sense of superiority despite the presence of the only divine superior Allah, and if that voice inspires us to even accept inferiority, just to make us behave according to its own will; then this voice is surely the voice of our inner self. For example; transforming the individual to someone who pities itself with feelings of inferiority and weakness in every manner is nothing but a game that our selves play us.

Here we are, in the middle of an order, a scene, which is carefully tailored to make us perceive the reality and influence of these tendencies, a perception which guides us towards the reality of the self. Yet, the individual will continue to reach a solution, a peaceful surrender as long as it denies the presence and ruling of the divine creator.


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