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About Me

I have respectfully embarked a journey to convey some of my humble experiences following my detailed and long-lasting assessments, evaluations and observarions on many distinguished works both from the West and Islam Philosophy of the East. I would like to emphasize that these are my “experiences”, my own words that reflect my own inner world. My ideas, which are results of deep intellectual filtering processes can be observed to be marked with traces of many philosophical landmarks. On the other hand, we can briefly place my articles on the exclusive range between materialism, and Islamic Sufism.

When we define Sufism to be the act of managing the methaphysical aspects of the inner self; then, Islamic Sufism or Mysticis (Tasavvuf) can be described as conceptualization of the information and wisdom we acquire from the realm of Sufism.

I welcome you all to my articles, which provide a perspective through this framework, highlighting the relationship and interaction between the Heart, the Self, and virtues of Allah, as our perceptions guide us towards a distinctive journey during which we witness these relations.

Beneath the worlds concepts that we use carelessly and without giving any thought, our roles and stories reside silently as the actual pillars of the Man’s exitence. I have given my best to convey my experiences about these roles, stories, and stages that influence our part…
I hope you enjoy… Allah knows better.